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The I-Chong: Meditations from the Joint, by Tommy Chong
(Simon Spotlight Entertainment, 2006)

This is an account of a soft collision between two major social evils: the drug laws and mass entertainment.  The author, a comedian & actor, made movies that were immersed in the drug culture and made fun of drug cops.  The Bush administration, in its meanness, undertook to get back at him by prosecuting him in connection with a paraphernalia business run by his wife & son.  He wanted to fight, but had to cop a plea to avoid prosecutions of his family.  He was sentenced to 9 months.  Because he was a celebrity, he was sent to a minimum-security prison and was treated with forbearance by the guards and the other prisoners.  He was indignant, but his religious beliefs saved him from excessive resentment:  God had sent him to prison to awaken him from his illusions of immunity.  He now claims to have quit illegal drugs, but continues to propagandize against the drug laws.

He appears actually to enjoy the perquisites of celebrity: "gorgeous" women, being driven to prison in a limousine, etc.  All that is, IMO, a magnification & glorification of a kind of natural foolishness, but I take care to remind myself that it is of some use to some people.