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When the hell do I eat?
Today I got a schedule from an outfit in Cambridge called Cambridge Forum that puts on lectures, on various subjects, that I sometimes go to.  It makes a pleasant outing; I have dinner in Harvard Square & a cup of coffee at the church.  Not any more.  For this season, they have moved up the start of it from 7:30 to 6:30 p.m., to "make it easier for you to come to the forum right after work" --- the precise time at which, in my subculture (educated Americans born before 1950, perhaps?) it is normal to sit down to dinner.  I have run into this presumption before, tho never so blatantly.  And I have noticed that when I go into a respectable restaurant at 6:30, the place is almost deserted, and I am seated & served promptly.  When do normal people, these days, have dinner?  Do they (say) go to a movie first and eat about 9 p.m.?  Or are there no normal mealtimes any more?  I have read that these days families seldom get a chance to sit down & eat together.