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Bro jobs
In 1983 I wrote to a friend:

...Hip types...dare not try new ways of disciplining their feelings, firstly because they believe feelings are sacred, and secondly for fear of discovering that the old ways are better.  No useful experimentation is likely in such circumstances; every likely opportunity will be let slip.  "Gay liberation", for example, might have meant another modest consolation (better, in one way or another, than masturbation, liquor, & fights) whereby hogamus-higamus men might get their rocks off without importuning, threatening, & exploiting women.  Instead, it has fastened on itself the depraved rhetoric of "identity" & become another cluster of smelly little orthodoxies.

Now it seems that I may be getting my wish after all:  http://www.salon.com/2015/10/12/the_bro_job_why_straight_men_secretly_have_sex_with_each_other_partner/