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To accompany a martini & The Wind in the Willows before dinner, I incremented my only Gershwin CD -- from "Rhapsody in Blue", it turned out, to "An American in Paris".  I found the latter irritating -- not, I am sure, for any musical reason, but because it was the music for a ballet movie of the same name, which bored me when I was little.  (There was an even worse one, or perhaps it was just that I was younger at the time, called The Red Shoes, which literally bored me to tears: I cried, on the way home, at the thought of having sat thru it.)  I am utterly anesthetic to ballet, as I am to many things that give pleasure to many other people.

A movie (that is, one that is shown in a theater) is almost the only thing in civilization that can bore me.  At a lecture or in a restaurant or on a bus when I have forgotten to bring a magazine, I can look at pretty people or fantasize being nasty or sometimes fall asleep; but a movie lays claim to my attention by being bright & noisy in an otherwise dark & quiet room, and it's hard to leave without being rude to the people I've come with or, if alone, feeling foolish.

Partly for that reason, movies are very much less important in my life than in other people's.  I value some of them & in recent times have even bought DVDs & watched them on my computer, but I feel no need to keep up with the latest ones, and if someone invites me out to one, I always want to know what it's about.