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Four bad dreams
Saturday 14 September 2013

03:  I was sitting by myself in a station wagon at night, with the windows open.  A young man came up, accompanied by a huge dog, & talked menacingly to me.  I was afraid he was going to rob me.  Eventually he got in thru the rear.  I ordered him, sharply, to get out, and he did, but then his dog got in.  I yelled for help.  Waking up, I had fantasies of violence, and was afraid I would not get to sleep again, but eventually I did.

07:  I went to a gathering in a bar, not in Malden, but within walking distance.  I had no trouble finding the place.  I stayed until closing time; I was the only one left, except the bartender.  I could not remember precisely which turns to take to get home.  The bartender, tho he said he was going in the other direction, accompanied me on his bicycle, and confirmed my turns, tho not entirely confidently.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Dreamed it was 07:0; awoke; it was 05:3.

I was in a hotel room on a trip with a couple of other men.  One of them rang up the desk and said that we were expecting several young women, and they should be sent to our room when they  arrived.  I could hear the other end of the conversation, and it transpired that they were whores, and that we were going to take turns with them.  I objected that I had not been told about this, and at length one of the other men admitted that he had forgotten to tell me.  I said that if I had known, I would not have gone on the trip.  I was sickened, and woke up.  But I  continued the story as a fantasy, trying to imagine how I could handle it -- perhaps ask how long the session would last, and then go & sit in the lobby, etc.  I couldn't get to sleep again for a long while.

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Tuesday 17 September 2013

In the army. A pair of soldiers with Arabic names had just completed a spectacularly successful espionage operation, and were celebrating. Later on, a well-made young man, out of uniform, came on to me, and we had a good time.

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