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Torturing pigs, contd
After doing without pig meat for a while (http://come-to-think.livejournal.com/33420.html), it occurred to me that there must be places where I could buy it in the reasonable hope that the pigs it came from had been treated with some decency. Sure enough, Google revealed quite a few sources of humane bacon in the Boston area, including a chain store called Whole Foods. There is even one on the way to the Fens, so I could make an expedition of it & get blown as well.

As a staunch antiprimitivist ("organic" & "natural" are not commendatory words for me), I felt a bit out of place in that territory, but had no difficulty in coming out with a 12-oz package of Niman double-smoked uncured bacon, "humane", $7. That was the day before yesterday. I have since used it for two batches of liver & onions and two pancake breakfasts.  It is not the same commodity as bacon from tortured pigs: It is much fatter (fine with me, as I can use the fat to grease the pan & make the batter), it is sliced thicker, and it does not get crisp (rather chewy even when thoroly cooked). It will do. And when I run out, I'll probably get laid again.
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