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Another motion gone thru
From my journal today:

Trips (purchases):  Cambridge:  Cardullo's (nothing appropriate for the potluck). | Broadway Super (bagels, lox, cream cheese).  -> ***'s for *** potluck.  Late, despite having left plenty of time, because of a long wait for the 77 bus (supposed to be every 17 min, but was at least 30).  During the social period, a couple of people let me bore them.  During the organized  discussion, as usual, I couldn't get a word in edgewise (2 s early, and I'm interrupting; 2 s late, and someone else has changed the subject).  Not much of what I brought got eaten (probably too many calories); I took most of the bagels & cream cheese home.  Forgot to piss before leaving.  Seeing a certain street, I recognized it as being the one *** is on, so  I could use it to walk to Alewife, where there are restrooms.  I worried that by going in the rear entrance I would have to go thru the front gates to get to the men's room, and that might invalidate my pass.  I did not dare to try to walk around to the front of the building, because that had been troublesome before, so I went in, and sure enough, couldn't get back in after pissing.  I managed to buy a Charlie ticket; it took 3 tries & $4, because I didn't understand the instructions on the machine.