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Dumping Facebook
I joined Facebook in August 2009, and found & friended a number of people I am sentimental about.  Since then, tho, the amount of news about them seems to have shrunk, or merely gotten buried among the kittens, landscapes, and links to various causes.  It was taking more & more time to page thru all that stuff, with less & less reward.  At length, this April, I wearied of a string of strident links promoting the religion in which blaming the victim is a sin, a religion from which I am a dissenter.  So I stopped reading FB.  I looked at it again today.  I haven't missed much, and I haven't been missed much.

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I believe Facebook is how you found me again after a decade or so of no contact, so it was good for something at least.

(what religion are you referring to? Even if 'blaming the victim" is not a sin, it's still a sucky thing to do.)

Edited at 2013-06-11 09:03 pm (UTC)

I was being sarcastic. There is a doctrine (these days, particularly in connection with rape) to the effect that it is wicked to counsel prudence, because that might make victims feel that they were accomplices. That, IMO, is pernicious.

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