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Could Lloyd George do it?
More than 5 years ago I posted the following query on that fount of words & music, the Mudcat Forum (http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=100697#2064733):

Bertrand Russell, somewhere, recalls a music-hall song about the ingenuity of flies in being able to walk upside down on the ceiling. It asks "Can Lloyd George do it? Can Ramsey Mac do it?" etc., and answers "Why, no!" Neither Google nor the DigiTrad recovers it, tho the former does bring up a pamphlet by Keynes & Henderson in 1929 with the title "Can Lloyd George Do It?", which I suspect alludes to the song. If I knew the words & music, I would be glad to take on the task of fitting it to more recent personages.

Someone quickly supplied the reference to Russell, and there was chitchat about another song that mentions Lloyd George, but not until the other day did someone dig up --- and post on YouTube! --- a scratchy 78 of it, from which others collaborated in extracting the text.  So now I have to consider which recent personages can most grotesquely be imagined walking on the ceiling & licking themselves all over.


In other transAtlantic nonnews, I have at last happened on the name of the M.P. who, during the debate on the Wolfenden Report (which favored decriminalizing homosexuality), had the honor of remarking, "The vice anglais is not buggery but humbuggery".  (N.B. The word "buggery" is good parliamentary English, being a legal term in England.)  He is Leslie Hale (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Hale); the actual exchange is at http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1958/nov/26/homosexual-offences-and-prostitution.

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Alas, what we hear on the record is not actually sung, but recited against a musical backgroup. Perhaps it does not have a tune.

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