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Chenille stems for the icosahedron
So today I went to Windsor Button (http://www.windsorbutton.com/) in search of yarn, which turns out to be expensive & not available in small quantities. But I was quickly seduced by chenille stems, which I had not heard of before.  They are fuzzy wires like  pipe cleaners, but longer. Five of them can easily be crammed into a drinking straw. Just the thing for a tensegrity.

Windsor Button is one of those lovely stores that you can browse in like a museum. So many different kinds of things, heard of and unheard of, with the charm that most of them are not packaged, and the further charm that you could afford them all!  So also with hardware stores: Marlene Dietrich said that when she had time to kill in a strange town, she would find a hardware store. Likewise, once upon a time, on a business trip to Montreal, I was taken to a wonderful fish market with a Jewish name (Waldman's?). It was full of large tables with tops like trays full of crushed ice, and people carted in baskets of fresh seafood & dumped them on the ice. What heaped riches! And no dinky bits of lox potted in plastic -- a whole meter-long smoked salmon, hung on the wall like a work of art! Reminds me of a poem by Milosz -- but that's another posting.

Then I went to the Fens & got laid after a fashion. On returning to Malden, I went to the small Kappy's near the T station, because I had run out of anisette & so had both my usual liquor stores.  Strange how stores within a mile of each other can be so differently specialized. This Kappy's has a whole anisette department, with two brands in three sizes (but it has only a token selection of sherry). So I bought a liter each of the house brand (cheaper) and Leroux (canonical). When I got home, I set up a blind comparison as recommended by Consumers Union, to protect myself against snobbery. (As a result of such tests, I drink cheapo bourbon & brandy.) But I was doubly disappointed: It was not a true blind comparison, because Kappy's does not cloud up when iced; and Leroux actually tastes better. So from now on I will pay the extra $2 for Leroux.

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I just added you, hope you don't mind.


Certainly, I don't mind, but what do you think we have in common?

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