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Reading: A review in The New York Review of Books:

"Knowing about him is like knowing about the fate of the characters in Middlemarch."

Middlemarch?  Wasn't that by Thomas Mann?  No, that's crazy.  Wikipedia reveals it's by George Eliot.  (Went there again to check it.  Everything I had typed so far had disappeared when I came back.  That happens a lot on the Web.  Typed it again.)  I haven't read anything by him.  After a couple of hours it occurred to me why I had thought of Mann:  Middlemarch has the same rhythm as Buddenbrooks.  I haven't read that either; probably wouldn't understand it.  I have read two things by Mann, tho, and what is more, pretty much understood them: "Mario and the Magician" and Doctor Faustus.  The one has a spoiled brat and a doctor who knows his business; the other has the devil.

The review is about the Jameses.  I read The Varieties of Religious Experience a long time ago, and have forgotten what was in it.

Actuarially I have another 10 years of this.