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Mr Trudeau gets the moon right
In http://news.yahoo.com/comics/doonesbury;_ylt=AtB0Fmhb0ebBZcg5IXPDXIgA_b4F, the crescent moon appears in three frames.  It struck me that (near enough) the limb is a semicircle and the terminator is a semiellipse with smaller curvature.  That is the first time I can recall seeing such realism.  Almost always, cartoonists & illustrators overdo it -- make the limb too big and the terminator too small.  Perhaps it is even a convention.  If so, Doonesbury is once again refreshingly unconventional.

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Alas, it hasn't stuck. In the latest Doonesbury, there is a crescent moon in which the limb and the terminator both exceed 180 degrees, and the latter has greater curvature than the former. What is more, we get blood & guts in living color.

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