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Bad things done by me:
My daily journal form contains such a heading.  Today it said "See Trips".

Trips (purchases):  On the Orange Line, a woman with a child got on, and set the child on the seat next to mine on the right.  The man to the right of the child stood up to let her sit down.  The seat to my left was vacant; I could easily have moved over, but it didn't occur to me.  At Downtown Crossing, the same man got off & took the stairs down to the Red Line, as I did.  A woman coming up the stairs was struggling with a wheeled suitcase; he stopped & helped her; that, also, would never have occurred to me.  -> Davis Sq.:  Johnny D's for bi brunch.  I got there just on time (11:30) & waited 15 min; nobody else showed up, so I got seated.  (Bacon scallion goat cheese quesadilla, oatmeal, coffee.)  I was served promptly & had finished & paid at 12:15, when ***** (21ja10, 20my10) showed up.  I said I was willing to hang around for her to get something; she said she would go for a drink.  I asked "Here?", and she answered, here, or down the street where her car was parked.  For some reason that caused me to decide to leave; I said "I have things to do", and she was offended.  Of course, it never occurred to me that she would actually want my company.  -- In the summer of 1958, I noticed that other people had helpful thoughts that I didn't, and started a notebook, How to Be a Neat Guy, in praise of them.  But I soon discontinued it, and the intervening 52 years have not improved me.  On the other hand, what is my petty self-centeredness in comparison with the gigafilth on Wall St.?  -> Malden:  ATM near the station has disappeared.