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Day 20: This month, in great detail
What does "this month" mean?  The last 30 days?  The period since the 1st?  I'll compromise by starting with 31 October, just after my "this week" posting -- tho that amounts to only another week.

My journal:

Sunday 31 October 2010

Sleep:  Dozed before lights out; awake several times; up to piss & shit.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
Trips (purchases):  Central Sq.:  Enormous Room for group hug & Hallowe'en ball.  (Strap on canvas bag broke when I got there; mended it with a safety pin.)  A sparse crowd, but there were a couple of pleasant bearpiles to watch.  A fair number in costume.  (2 beers.)  As usual, no-one even looked at me.
Calls:  From ***.  Long chat.  He'll invite me to his place sometime this week.
  To ***:  He's not going to the hug after all.
Reading:  NYRev.  So Wilde was a classical scholar!  One wonders what he & Housman might have had to say about each other.  Not much in a scholarly way, it seems; and they never met.
  CSM [ChriSci Monster].
Listening:  Tom Dekker.  Emery, computer songs.
Dinner:  Chili, beer, cheesecake.

Monday 1 November 2010

Sleep:  Sound.  Up twice to piss.
Toilet:  Shower; shampoo.
Dream:  Anxious about finding the person to get a ride home from a meeting; but he found me.
Orgasms:  m o 24.
Bkfst:  Pancakes.
House:  Changed poster to Crumb ["A Short History of America]; couldn't use new sticks on either top or bottom.
  Found Ag thermal compound to try on Amphony  [cordless headphones], but couldn't find the instructions that came with it.  Probably they were on the back of the package, which I threw out.  Looked up the matter on the Web; the stuff is not meant for my purpose (improving the reliability of a connector), but for improving the thermal conduction between components & heat sinks, so the relevance of the instructions is dubious in any case.  Cleaned the offending male & female power plugs with 91% isopropyl alcohol.
Calls:  To Cox-Weston: appointment for tooth cleaning.  I somehow missed the June one, and it shows.  I noticed this a couple of weeks ago, but kept putting off calling.
Reading:  CSM.
Listening:  Emery.
  Feynman.  So lucky!  But he made something out of his luck.
Dinner:  Haddock, peas, kasha, wine, cheesecake.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Sleep:  Awake early; couldn't get to sleep again.  Up twice to piss.
Toilet:  Beard.  I see that I have frequently failed to record that.
Bkfst:  Muffin.
House:  Put Ag goop on Amphony power plug (no dilution), after bkfst.  No noise in the evening, but brief (0.1 s?) interruptions of the audio on turning on & off fluorescent lamps.  I should have thought of fluorescent lamps as sources of the interference.
Trips (purchases):  (Updated T pass.)  ->Harvard:  Changsho for Caltech lunch.  Two others, both young: a man from Bulgaria, and a woman, U.S., Chinese looks.  Tolerably convivial.  -> Malden:  Beebe School (voted).
Calls:  Msg from Cox-Weston; msg returned: confirmed appointment tomorrow.
Mail:  AARP Bull.  UCS Catalyst.  CSM.
Internet:  Nice email from ***.
Reading:  CSM.  Quine.
Listening:  Feynman.  Jim Hancock et al.
Dinner:  Sandwich, carrots, half apple & cheese, beer.
Ecto:  Terribly tired on getting home.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Sleep:  Awake early.  Up twice to piss.
Toilet:  Shower.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
House:  Frequent silences of the Amphony at lunchtime, even without the batteries in their wells.  It turns out I used the wrong goop!
Trips (purchases):  Mass. Av. Stn:  Cox-Weston for tooth cleaning.  New assistant, who (as usual) did not introduce herself.  She used ultrasonic as well as the usual pick & rotary tools.  She said there is a lot of buildup on the back of the lower front teeth, and I should use a manual toothbrush there.  She said I should go easy in brushing the extreme left & right upper teeth, because the gums are receding.  She said I should take the denture out overnight.
Mail:  Reminder of appointment from BIDMC [Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center], with a daunting form letter about a change in billing practices.
Reading:  CSM.  Harvard.
Listening:  Hancock.  Tim Henderson (who coincidentally showed up on the Mudcat).
Dinner:  Haddock, lima beans, kasha, wine, cake.
Project:  Looked at HPHC [Harvard Pilgrim Health Care] health-insurance literature.
  Sewed a tuck in the straps of one of the Harvard tote bags so they would serve as handles, as I did with the previous tote bag.  I don't understand why they make them with straps so long.  Probably they are intended to be worn over the shoulder on the same side, which would make me feel insecure.
Ecto:  Woozy in the evening.  Probably not a good idea to have alcohol before dinner.

Thursday 4 November 2010

Sleep:  Sound.  Up once to piss.
Dream:  I was with some other people in New York, going to a couple of restaurants on foot.  The first one was a buffet and served steak tartare.  (I see that is its name in standard English.  I think of it as "beefsteak tartar" because of the song in the Dreigroschenoper.  I had it a couple of times in the clubhouse at Brookhaven Lab.)
Orgasms:  m o 22. [Masturbation, homosexual fantasy, 10 p.m.]
Bkfst:  Jewish french toast.
Calls:  To HPHC.  Application will be mailed to me (7-10 da).
Reading:  CSM.  Harvard.  Finley Wren.
Listening:  Henderson.
  Ingle et al.  (Female voices largely unintelligible.)
Dinner:  Do.
Project:  Studied HPHC plans for 2011; decided on the one with large deductible.
Ecto:  Sleepy in the evening.
Dementia:  Forgot to turn down the thermostat last night.

Friday 5 November 2010

Sleep:  To bed & awake early.
Toilet:  Shower.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
House:  Mr *** [landlord] replaced the smoke alarm -- with some trouble, as one of them beeped even with a fresh battery.  Also the west venetian blind; however, the new one has only two sets of supporting cords (unlike the new ones on the south wall), so it will probably sag like the old ones.
  Amphony much improved -- only a few brief glitches, all in the evening.
Trips (purchases):  Fellsmere.
Guests:  Mr ***.
Reading:  Harvard.
Listening:  Ingle et al.  Burl Ives.  David Jones.
Dinner:  Chili, beer, cake.

Saturday 6 November 2010 (so far)

Sleep:  Awake early; up 3 times to piss; managed to doze after 7.
Dream:  I was in a restaurant with some other people.  The service was abominably slow.  I managed to get a glass of lemonade, but it sweated condensation, making a puddle on the table, in which tiny squares of paper floated.
Bkfst:  Oatmeal.
House:  Now the left Amphony headphone is dead.  Amphony FAQ says headphones are available separately ("contact your dealer"), but nowhere else is there any indication of that.  Queried Amphony.
Trips (purchases):  Alexander Liquors (beer, wine). | Foodmaster (groceries).
Mail:  Notice of payment from TIAA-CREF.
  Nonbill from HPHC.
  DPA Report.
Reading:  Harvard.  What possessed that Hauser character to fake his data?  The titles of his popular books are icky; perhaps he was corrupted by celebrity.
Listening:  David Jones.
  Kanefsky, Tapeworm II.
Dinner:  Chicken wings, lima beans, kasha, wine, cake.
Dementia:  Started to write the amount instead of my name on the signature line of a credit-card chit.

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