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Day 18 -- My favorite birthday, in great detail
Wednesday 28 October 1998

Toilet:  Shower.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
Trips (purchases):  FedEx dropoff (sent wil/webster).  -> Newton Center:  Sol Azteca (dinner; pleased to discover one there -- decor & food very like the one on Beacon St. in Brookline).  Expected I'd find a liquor store in the vicinity, but didn't see one.  -> Waban:  Supermarket (open till 19: wine).  Aronows' for dessert potluck & midweek sing.  Arrived rather early, and chatted with them while they finished supper & set up for the sing.  A large crowd, probably 30, very convivial, not least because of the charm & vigor of Saul & Alice.  I put out the cheesecake with numeral candles on it, and people sang Happy Birthday.  Before singing, we went around giving our names as usual, but this time telling the background of our interest in folk music.  There was only time for a little over one round of choices.  My song was Rozhinkes mit Mandlen, which several other sang the chorus of.  Joelle took me to the T.
Calls: [...]  From Noah: dinner date tomorrow.  He has received a paycheck, and wants to treat me.
  From John Kyper: lunch tomorrow.
Reading:  Casti.
Dinner:  Enchiladas verdes, rice & beans, rotkraut, sangria.
Emotions:  Better than usual at the sing.