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Day 13 -- This week , in great detail

My journal:

Sunday 24 October 2010

Sleep:  Sound.  Up 04 to piss.
Toilet:  Shower.
Dream:  I was to fly to Long Island, but had lost the ticket for the second leg of the trip, and had forgotten where it was bound.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
House:  Amphony overwhelmed with noise, even in the morning & with the rechargers empty.
Reading:  CSM.
  Project Vote Smart.
  The People, the Press, & Politics (1988), to see if I could figure out who the lowlifes are who are swayed by TV ads.  (Who *was* elected president in1988?  Clinton?  Ah, no, Bush I.)
Dinner:  Do.

Monday 25 October 2010

Sleep:  Awake several times, and up to piss, but slept again.
Bkfst:  Oatmeal.
Trips (purchases):  Fellsmere.  4 swans: 2 gray, 2 larger & white.  (Wikipedia does not countenance gray North American swans.) Cormorant on flotsam. Plenty of geese & ducks.
Mail:  NYRev.
  Outpatient clinic survey from BIDMC.  Ignored.
  Verizon bill.
  Nonbill from HPHC.
  Check from spi.
Internet:  *** will be coming for my birthday.  I thought I might have scared him away.
Reading:  CSM.
  This journal on ***.
Listening:  Cyberlite.  Berrymans.
Dinner:  Do.
Ecto:  Tired in the afternoon; lay awake half an hour after my nap.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sleep:  Awake early.
Toilet:  Shower.  Sheets.
Hugs:  ***.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
Trips (purchases):  Laundromat.
  Waltham:  Skellig for pub sing.  (Dinner, 4 beers.)  This time I was there first.  Eventually about 20, all beautiful.  There were more solo performances of new songs than usual.  I couldn't understand the women's singing, even *** singing Tam Lin, which I had heard before.  I led 3 songs. Questioned the bill at the end, I think erroneously; at any rate, I paid it.  Took the train home again.
Reading:  CSM.  NYRev.
Listening:  Berrymans.  Betjeman.
Dinner:  Fish & mashed potatoes, beer.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Sleep:  Fairly sound.  Up several times to piss.
Bkfst:  Omelet.
Trips (purchases):  ATM (deposit).  Foodmaster (groceries, mostly for *** tomorrow).
Mail:  Medicare handbook.
  Compassion & Choices renewal notice; renewal sent.
Reading:  NYRev.  In the article about school failure, not a word about the baleful effect of peer pressure among pupils!
Listening:  Betjeman.  Gordon Bok.
Dinner:  Chili, beer, cake.
Project:  Cheesecake.  The coating was peeling from the springform, and the oven temperature was hard to regulate.
Emotions:  Many shame attacks.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Sleep:  Sound.
Toilet:  Shower.
Bkfst:  Pancakes.
House:  Policed front.  Swept carpet.  Dusted.
Trips (purchases):  Foodmaster (odds & ends forgotten yesterday).
Calls:  From ***; nice chat.  He went to Putney & Shaftsbury recently.
  From ***:  He's sick.  Postponed dinner till tomorrow; then, on my calling back, till Saturday.
Mail:  Chase MasterCard bill: reconciled, payment ordered.
Reading:  NYRev.
Listening:  Bok.  Van Ronk singing Brecht.
Dinner:  Hors-d'oeuvres (already made up), cheesecake (successful).
Dementia:  Once again (08oc10), set the mug to the side instead of in the coffeemaker.  Remarkably, only a little of the coffee reaches the floor.
Good things happened to me:  Candied fruit peels reappeared.

Friday 29 October 2010

Sleep:  Sound.
Hugs:  ***.
Orgasms:  m o 25.
Bkfst:  Oatmeal.
Trips (purchases):  Central Sq.:  ***'s for dinner.  Took half the cheesecake.  3 men & 3 women besides me (I think).  I did not remember any
    of them.  We sat around the table & talked.  It was pleasant.  I got to talk some.
Mail:  Folk Letter.
Reading:  NYRev.
Listening:  Folk & Baroque.  ***.
Dinner:  Salad, hors-d'oeuvres, pizza, juice, cheesecake.
Anxieties:  Carrying the cheesecake on the T.

Saturday 30 October 2010 (so far)

Sleep:  Poor.  Awake with esophageal drip, probably due to overeating at the party.  Up once to piss & shit.  Managed to sleep in.
Hugs:  ***.
Bkfst:  Half muffin & crust toast. 
Trips (purchases):  Stop & Shop (flu shot; rum).  No line!
Guests:  ***. [...]
Reading:  NYRev.
Listening:  ***.  He woofed me.  %^)
Dinner:  Pork loin roast, kasha, peas, wine (*** had rootbeer), cheesecake, by me (***).  Everything came out well.
Endo:  See Sleep.
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