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Day 12 -- what's in my bag, in great detail
Taking the word literally, I suppose it would have to mean the canvas handbag I use when taking papers and perhaps an umbrella on a trip -- not enough to justify using my pack.  The only things I keep in that bag are a few paper towels and a plastic bag in case I have to stow a wet umbrella.

However, I suspect that the idea is something like a fanny pack, that people take with them everywhere.  The corresponding facility for me is two wallet-like objects that I bought at Eastern Mountain Sport & attach to my standard pants with rings thru the belt loops.  The left one contains cash & serious cards (credit card, bank card, health insurance, etc.).  The right one contains my datebook, address book (both printouts), membership cards, flashlight, Swiss Army knife, nail clipper, & (sentimentally hopeful) fuck kit.  Attached to it is a cord with my keys on it.