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Day 06 -- My day
Tho I had gotten to bed on time, I woke very early (4 or 5 a.m.) & couldn't get to sleep again.  I kept having unpleasant fantasies, instead of the pleasant ones (mostly sexual) that help me go to sleep.  At length, at 7, I got up, just before the alarm light went on.  I did my exercises (the standard ones, and the ones prescribed by the physical therapist) with dreadful sloth, drifting off into musing between  each & the next.  It wasn't a day for jogging around the block & taking a shower, so I got dressed & had breakfast: pancakes.  They came out pretty good, tho I had to eke out the bacon fat with butter.  At breakfast, I read in the latest American Scientist about sexual selection, and while washing up, listened to Mike Agranoff singing his silly songs & reciting the wonderfully sentimental "Ten-Ton Molly".

While I was reading the news in Conkeror, it crashed, and then Windows crashed as well.  It rebooted with a couple of alarming messages; I decided to run a malware check overnight.  There was some business email.  I did a little editing for the Journal of Institutional & Theoretical Economics.  Some more of it came in by email.

 I had a full lunch, despite expecting to eat out, because dinner would be late.  More Am. Sci.; Auden's poetry on the headphones.  I tried twice -- once in the morning & once in the afternoon -- to take a nap, but didn't succeed.  So I had a big mug of coffee & did some more work.

A batch of MSs from Optical Engineering came -- the last one from an old customer, representing another step into retirement for me.  The FedEx man, as usual, didn't wait for me to answer the door, but waved at me on his way back to the truck.

I started on my usual afternoon Internet (email, newsgroups, comics, LJ, FB, etc.), but only got this far before having to leave for the bisexual social & support group (subway to Back Bay, Boston Living Center; read the Chri Sci Monster on the way).  For the first time, it occurred to me to take the back exit from the tracks, which avoids a street crossing.  There were 6 besides me, and as usual I hadn't much in common with them, but managed some conversation.  Even when my mind wandered, I usually managed to look at the person talking.  After an hour we went to the Club Cafe; I had a pizza & a beer.  It was rather noisy, and harder for me to listen there.  The waiters were showing off their asses nicely.  The train back was full of harmlessly rowdy sports fans of some kind.

Now I get to have a drink, do FB, Talking Points Memo, & the accumulated email, and do a little reading if it isn't bedtime (12) by then.

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My Internet routine also includes the Mudcat & Language Log.

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