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Day 05 -- My definition of love
I don't think I can add to the numerous definitions that are in wide circulation, or pick one that is specially mine. However, just 56 years ago, when I was a freshman at Caltech, I presumed to write, for English 1a, an essay called "Love: A Philosophical Definition". It contained the following:

       The mind is not in essence matter or energy, but rather a kind of aggregate, fluid order among various units of them.  This order tends to increase in a mind: people learn.  It tends to be spread from one mind to many through the voice and the senses: people communicate.  When people are not learning or communicating as much as they can, their senses and voices and limbs are loose ends, and they feel incomplete and unhappy.  A relationship between people which ties their loose ends together so that order is spread out and comes back increased, makes for the least disorder within such people, and gives a feeling of completeness and happiness in which the mind grows fastest.  This we call love.

I think I was bluffing.