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Day 04 -- What I ate today
Breakfast: A small glass of orange juice. Half an English muffin with butter & blueberry jam. An omelet (2 medium eggs) with cheddar cheese, mushroom, salami, and scallion. A big mug of black coffee.

Lunch: An open sandwich of bread, mustard, ham, dill pickle, and lettuce. Six baby carrots. A pear & cheese.

Dinner (planned): A small beefsteak rubbed with garlic & sauteed medium rare. A small baked potato with sour cream & mushroom slices previously cooked under the steak; peppered. Shredded red cabbage cooked with chopped onion, flour, salt, pepper, & vinegar. A glass of red wine (Sutter Home cabernet sauvignon). A slice of Entenmann's cranberry orange loaf cake with brandy.