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If you say so
Yesterday I was visiting someone and he told me he was seasoning a skillet in his oven, so I sang

I'm a goin' downtown,
Gonna buy me a sack of flour,
Gonna cook it every hour,
Keep my skillet good and greasy
All the time, time, time,
Keep my skillet good and greasy
All the time
I learned that almost 60 years ago.  It ends 
If you say so,
I'll never work no more,
Just lay around your shanty
All the time, time, time,...

The woman of his dreams will tell him not to work.  Just like a man!
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I know that one (though with the ending part in 3rd person, not 2nd: "If she says so...")! Hearing it in my head as I read it. And "greasy" pronounced "greazy". Thanks for the memory.

We had a vigorous folk tradition in my highschool (Putney, VT, 1950-1954). A lot of songs are attached in my mind to fellow students there & then.

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